Get the MOST out of your I2D Massage Oils!!!!

If you take the time and money to buy premium body oils make sure that you are getting the maximum benefits out of them!! Some of our I2D Massage Oils with Essential Oils can: help release harmful toxins, improve blood flow, improve appearance of skin, relieve stress and help with digestion. Applying topically on your skin allows for the absorption of plant chemicals.


Here are some tips on how to best use our Inhale2Detox Massage Oils!

- Massage in half circles on and around the affected areas.

- End the half circles with a stroke to your heart to lead blood, toxins, pain or fat away from the area.

- Massage Oils for at least 5-10 minutes twice a day everyday in the affected areas. (Don't just apply and go like lotion)

- Store Massage Oils in a cool & dark area (avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight).